Use the right tracking metric for every email campaign that you send!

Our Email Tracking feature provides valuable data to ensure your marketing strategies success. We break down each metric so that you can stop guessing and start knowing where and how to improve.

Email Realtime Reports
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Evaluate clicks, bounces, response rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates and a lot more.

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Monitor your results constantly so that you know exactly where and how to improve while sending future campaigns.

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Receive valuable feedback from our analytics system and start making changes that bring you more revenue.

email Realtime analytics

Improve your campaign efforts with our email tracking insights

Deploy profitable email marketing strategies. 

Email reporting at its finest. Use analytics to avoid errors and don’t waste your time in knowing what’s best for your business. 

We provide you with real-time statistics, assist you in assembling essential data, and monitor user behavior to enhance targeting.

Measure your email campaign performance to the finest details

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Opens rate

This simple metric is the rate at which your campaigns are opened. Get to know the subscribers who open your particular emails and engage better with your customers.

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Clicks rate

Track the people who click on the links present in your emails and get to know how successful your campaigns have been.

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Bounce rate

The percentage of people to whom your campaigns were not delivered. Measure your email deliverability, use our A/B testing and have improved success rates in the future.

unsubscribe email

Unsubscribe rate

Know the email addresses who unsubscribed from your email marketing campaigns. Get to know the reason behind it- sometimes, being more target specific can lead to people not wanting to receive emails from you.

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Complaints rate

Our analytics system allows you to track your spam complaints so that you can stop the complaint rate from going too high. Prioritize this metric and stop your emails from getting marked as spam.

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24 Hours performance

Send your campaigns after knowing what time of the day works best for what emails and start increasing your conversion rate.

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Top domains for all pens

Get to know the email service provider your subscribers are using to open your campaigns. You can measure the success of your email deliverability by knowing your domain open rate.

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Top clicked links

Track the links attracting your subscribers the most and prepare your future campaign strategies likewise.

latest clicks

Latest clicked links

Track which amongst your latest campaigns have been successful and know the people who have shown interest in them.

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Latest opens

Track the number of people who are responding to your latest campaigns.

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Subscribe with most opens

Know your customers who are interested in your email campaigns the most and think of ways to build a bond of trust with them in the future.

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Activity maps

Get a clear picture of everything that has happened since you sent out your emails and track user behavior to the minutest detail.

Use our real time reports to optimize your efforts.

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Download email marketing campaign reports

Know how to export reports and share them with your team. Take the next step with us by having an enjoyable email tracking experience. 

Don’t miss out on the features we provide you with and start downloading all kinds of campaign reports. 

Know how to check every single metric!

Your dashboard will instantly view all the opens, clicks, subscribes and unsubscribes that your campaigns have generated. This quick video will tell you how to view your bounce rate, conversion rate, open rate, reader rate and email deliverability in just a few minutes.

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Track your audience

Benefits of email tracking with ReachEngine.

  • Track each and every single metric that comes out of the campaigns you send.
  • Our detailed reports are not just a breakdown of the emails you send but also insights about customer behaviour.
  • We stop you from guess-sending emails. Analyze and measure your performance with respect to the points of interest and concern of your subscribers.
  • We track to the last detail, analyze every metric and then show you our feedback so that your future email campaigns are more completely informed than ever.

Our analytics tools pinpoint areas of improvement

Improve your decision-making with reliable data. 

Optimize your email marketing experience with more features.

email designs


ReachEngine makes sure that your future campaigns are always better than your previous ones. Your improvement is our lookout; get automatically generated detailed statistical break downs of your campaigns and know where you can improve in the future.

best email templates


Get backed by more than 350+ templates and use our drag-and-drop editor option to create beautiful emails in no time.  Send emails that improve your click, open and conversion rates. We track each and every email for you so you can use our drag-and-drop editor to create better ones going forward.

best bulk email marketing platform

Send email campaigns in bulk to an unlimited number of contacts and start receiving email tracking reports that measure the performances of each and every campaign. Don’t just mass mail; mass mail correctly with our tool.  

automate your email campaigns instantly


Use our workflow automation to send out email campaigns quickly and at the same time to a larger audience. We also allow you to automatically send emails at strategic intervals to meet your goals. 

affordable email autoresponder


Start auto responding to your subscribers. Use our services to always remain in touch with your customers by sending automated emails at every chance. Don’t worry about your emails reaching your customers’ inboxes; our
autoresponder software is aimed at improving your email deliverability.

A/b testing platform


A/B test campaigns to try out different versions of a single email. Let our analytics system guide you about difference in impact made by the smallest of changes and send the one which you think is best fit for your audience. 

email segmentation tools

Add tags to segment your prospects and customers on the basis of any factor and start sending relevant emails that make your business stand out. Boost up your clicks and open rates to start generating revenue that reward your email marketing efforts. 

Analyze your email campaigns to get the best out of your resources.

free email service

Your data privacy and security is our responsibility.

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As a company with a strong engineering background, we have
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Looking For Email Marketing Resources?


Real Time email marketing is a way of providing fixes to your customers right when they need them. Here, as the marketer, you provide your audience with specific solutions by automatically tracking their behavior instead of asking for their views. 

A Real Time report is a detailed performance report where all the metrics and the key performance indicators are highlighted. 

To maximize your ROI, you need all your key performance indicators to be present in the report. Spend more time on your actual business by allowing the tool to automatically display your reports in a matter of seconds. 

An email performance report is an account of every single activity that has taken place in response to your email, since the campaign was sent out. 

Unique insights for successful campaigns.

ReachEngine guides you to know what interests your audience the most.