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Personalize your emails and simplify your efforts with our email campaign solutions. We allow you to filter and target your contacts, send automated pro-quality campaigns in bulk, improve your email deliverability, and offer analytical tools to measure your performance.

Email Campaign Solution

Want to create bulk email campaigns at ease?

Here’s how you can build bulk email marketing campaigns successfully!

Broadcast emails

Make your business announcements
in front of a large audience. Send bulk
emails to promote your brand.

drag Triggered emails here

Triggered emails

Don’t let your customers feel passive
about your brand. Conduct your bulk
email sending in a wise manner and
trigger your audience to take the next
immediate action.

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Targeted emails

Target the correct group of people.
Segment your audience on the basis of
any factor and deliver the right email to
the right person.

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Email Autoresponders

Set up autoresponder emails to form
a strong bond with your audience.
Improve your marketing and customer
service by automatically sending emails
that acknowledge their actions.

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Transactional emails

Create personalized bulk emails that are
unique to the receivers. Respond back to
your customers with welcome, renewal
and other gratitude messages.

drag Scheduled emails here

Scheduled emails

Schedule and send out fascinating
emails for birthdays, holidays and
other events.

Here's how you can have a smooth email marketing journey

easy to build email platform

Have a trouble-free experience by using our drag-and-drop editor option. It allows you to build pro emails in a simple and fast way by giving access to a broad set of more than 350+ pre-built templates and drag-and-drop features that you can use to completely personalize the campaigns of your choice.

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top bulk email sending software

Upload unlimited contacts and send bulk email campaigns to as many prospects and customers. Start interacting more with your customers and expand your business with our email campaign solutions.

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real time email analytics

Get the reports of your email campaigns in the most detailed form. Analyze reports to know where you can improve in your future campaigns. Worry less with our email campaign solutions;  as we handle the pressure for you.

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email automation platform

Make use of our workflow automation for your team and send out automated email campaigns. We also help you to prepare a series of emails in advance so that you can automatically send them at strategic intervals to meet your goals. Maximize your time and efforts and start nurturing leads automatically.

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best email autoresponder

Send emails to your subscribers and acknowledge their activities. The script of your email will be triggered based on the user’s actions. Create automated emails at every chance so that you are in constant touch with your audience. Stop worrying about returns as ReachEngine’s Email Autoresponder is aimed at improving your email deliverability. 

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A/B testing email examples

We offer A/B testing campaigns for you to try out different versions of one single email. Figure out the difference in impact made by the smallest of changes, choose what works best for your audience and set up successful campaigns with significantly higher open and conversion rates. 

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best email segmentation tool

Segment your audience by adding tags on the basis of any factor and send relevant emails to your audience. Allow ReachEngine’s advanced email segmentation feature to boost up your click and open rates to start generating revenue that reward your email marketing efforts.

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Wondering if we is the right option for you?

Know how our email campaign solutions stand out for the success of your business. 

Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Use our tools to run effective email marketing campaigns

Build your business with our email campaign solutions.

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Integrate and access emails in .csv and .xls format to easily combine them with your CRM and cloud-based tools.

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Tag your audience

Start tagging your customers on the basis of any common data point to start sending personalized messages that generate revenue.

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User access levels

The user-level access to be granted will be decided by you.

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Resend to unopened mails

Engage in resending campaigns with interesting subject lines to increase your chances of driving up open rates.

Benefit from more exciting features

All our features work hand in hand, so that you can create bulk emails to boost your business. 

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Multi-user editing

Your team can edit campaigns together. You can flexibly assign your team members roles that come along with permissions, so that your resources can be maximized.

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Revision history

You can access all your previous template edits whenever you need to go back to an old email.

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Managed deliverability

Reach the inboxes of your targets successfully.

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Mobile optimized

You can make full use of our services regardless of your device and its specifications.

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Link actions

Start creating tags, get notifications and deals the moment a click happens.

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Custom data

Collect information of your choice by using custom fields.

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Know where your contacts are and roll out geotargeted campaigns.

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Free image hosting

Upload unlimited images of your own choice for your campaigns.

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Track every detail through our Google Analytics integration after you get a click.

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Fast email delivery

Send out campaigns at the fastest speed. Avoid any delay in letting people know what your business is up to.

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Keep your list always clean

Get access to fast email list cleaning facilities to reduce bounce rate and make sure none of your campaigns reach late.

Perfect email campaigns in just 3 steps

New to email marketing with ReachEngine? Learn it with us. Go through the steps given below to know how easy the job is when you sign up for our email campaign solutions. 

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Add your mailing list

We allow you to either freely upload your own emails or import your list from another email service provider. 

guide to use email marketing
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Create your personalized templates

We’ve got your back with more than 350+ email templates. Use our pre-built templates or customize them completely with our drag-and-drop email editor option. 

best email marketing service
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Improve your email deliverability

Use automatic bounce processing and keep your email list clean to improve your email deliverability. 


fast and reliable email delivery

How to get high returns by using ReachEngine?

Create lists, upload or import contacts, and start creating attractive emails by going through our quick demo. We help you figure out how to learn email marketing; watch this short video- it shows you all that you need to know.

Play Video about ReachEngine - bulk email campaigns

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Rachel Lemieux

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Patrick Mfunyi


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Looking for some email marketing resources?


  • Complete Personalization- Send the exact emails that you want. 
  • Optimize email marketing on all devices- Send equally attractive emails from your mobile as well.
  • Audience segmentation- Segment your audience by adding tags and distribute your emails wisely. Stay relevant to your subscribers. 
  • Reduce bounce rate- Use automatic bounce processing and suppressions to keep your email list clean. You will experience an improved email deliverability. 
  • Keep your subject lines short- Use A/B testing to check which subject lines are the most effective for your campaign. 

An email campaign strategy is a plan of action that you have to follow to reach your desired marketing goals. 

This is how you can create your email campaign strategy: 

Step 1:   Identify your targets. 

Step 2:   Define your goals clearly. 

Step 3 :  Be flexible and ready to change your methods if something happens to your present campaign. 

You can implement an email campaign in 3 simple steps: –

Step 1:  Create lists of email addresses 

Step 2:  Upload unlimited contacts 

Step 3:  Start sending out emails 

Campaign in email refers to a chain of marketing endeavors that contact multiple prospects or customers at once.  

The go-to email marketing platform for your dealings to spread out.

You come first for us. Let our email campaign solutions handle your worries.