Use email segmentation for personalized campaigns.

Filter and target your contacts using our extensive segmentation options. Create segments based on any characteristic or even activity. Group and organize your vast contacts without any stress. 
Email Segmentation

Target your audience with our advanced email segmentation

Allow ReachEngine’s advanced email segmentation strategies to boost your click and open rates. Deliver email campaigns that are of value to your customers.  Segmenting your audience enables you to send personalized messages that will help you with your revenue generation. Group, organize, target and personalize; ReachEngine’s email segmentation is meant to develop stronger bonds with your audience.

Enjoy better results with email segmentation.

Email Segmentation not just groups and organizes your subscribers, but also helps you to target your customers with personalized messages. This increases your chances of getting more opens, clicks, unique opens and makes sure that nobody marks your campaigns as spam by reducing unsubscribes, bounces and abuse reports. 
Group your subscribers and showcase content that’s relevant to them. Our features help you stand out; your messages will no longer sound uninteresting and generic like others. Send targeted emails and start engaging.  
Benefits of email segmentation
Pillars of segmentation

Pillars of email segmentation

The pillars of segmentation refer to the four main categories of data you can collect on your audience: Geographics, demographics, psychographics, and behavioural. Any data point your business might want to target falls in one of these four categories. 

Combine criteria to segment and target subscribers.

Group your audience in segments and start sending messages that matter. This quick video tells you how to use common points such as purchases, interests, e-commerce activity etc to bring in more customers towards your business. 
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Expand your business by creating and sending campaigns to a segment. Sign up with the most reliable email marketing platform. 

Use every facility to improve your performance.

email segmentation strategy  

Start segmenting your email marketing with our email campaign solutions. Build emails that make your customers feel cared for. Our features not only allow you to manage your vast contacts but also deliver emails that speed up your growth.

email segmentation best practices  

Use our drag-and-drop editor option and build emails in a simple and fast way. We give you access to a broad set of more than 350+ pre-built templates and drag-and-drop features that you can use to personalize the campaigns of your choice.

segmented email campaigns  

Upload unlimited contacts and allow our best email segmentation features to help you group and manage them at ease. This will help you to expand your business as sending messages to contacts that have been filtered automatically will take no time.

ReachEngine email marketing segmentation

ReachEngine breaks down email campaigns in the most detailed form. We point out to you where you can improve in your future campaigns. Start targeting with our advanced email segmentation and generate improved real time reports.

email segmentation ideas  

Use our workflow automation to send out automated email campaigns. Prepare a series of emails in advance that you can send automatically at the most optimal points to meet your goals. Start nurturing leads automatically with ReachEngine. 

ReachEngine segments  

Autorespond to your subscribers and acknowledge their activities. Keep creating automated emails to stay in constant touch with your audience. Stop worrying as ReachEngine’s Email Autoresponder software is aimed at improving your email deliverability.

tools for email marketing  

ReachEngine offers A/B testing campaigns so that you can try out different versions of one single email. We help you recognize the difference in impact made by the smallest of changes, so that you choose the best option for your audience and set up successful campaigns with significantly higher open and conversion rates.   

Email Marketing Tool Benefits

Advantages of using email segmentation with ReachEngine

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Create vast contacts that you can group easily.

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Execute emails better with our multiple segmenting options.

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Optimize your efforts by segmenting subscribers into groups.

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Start making your workflow organised.

Don't believe us? Sign up for our 7 day free trial and see it all by yourself.

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You will never run out of reasons to use ReachEngine.

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We have browser-based email campaigns so that you can operate and modify easily as per your wants.

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Our advanced segmentation helps you in grouping your subscribers so that you can you send emails fast and easily to end up getting quicker responses.

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ReachEngine is a no spam email marketing platform. You don't have to come across anything that deters you from your path.

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Get access to the best analytics tools. We help you improve your clicks, bounces, conversion, response and reader rates by breaking down your campaigns to the finest details.

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Save time with ReachEngine's Email Segmentation by bringing together your subscribers on the basis of any common data point.

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We aim towards giving you a smooth experience. Get guided by our manuals and boost your business more.

Your data privacy and security is our responsibility.

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We are an email marketing automation platform with the aim of empowering your business. Our Email Marketing Solutions are designed in ways that simplify your efforts. If you have a business that you want to grow, we have dynamic marketing tools for you to attain maximum profitability.  
Email Segmentation is the technique of segmenting your subscribers into groups based on any factor. ReachEngine’s Email Segmentation allows you to target any and every data point that your business might want to. 
Email segmentation helps you to personalize your campaigns based on data points like geography, demography, psychography, and behavior. Sending relevant content increases click rates, open rates and allows you to have stronger relationships with your customers. 
An email that targets a specific group of contacts based on a particular factor is referred to as a segmented email campaign. 

Get started with ReachEngine’s email segmentation.

Target your subscribers with personalized content. We help you stand out in the crowd.