Manage user access levels flexibly to maximize your revenue

Learn about the different user levels and start granting, changing and revoking account access. We help you flexibly manage your teams so that you get the most out of your email marketing efforts.
User Access levels

Optimize your team's output

Manage User Access levels freely with ReachEngine. Our accounts have up to 5 user levels: Owner, Admin, Manager, Author, and Viewer. Every level has its own role; your chosen plan will determine the user levels accessible to you. Every user level comes with its own permissions. Divide the tasks flexibly amongst your team members and start getting more work done in less time.

Choose the right option to optimize your efforts

If the user has not received the email invitation containing the user level from your end, it could happen because of a lot of reasons. ReachEngine allows you to troubleshoot each of those. Get complete 24×7 assistance from our end and solve any problem that might come your way.

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How to manage user access levels flexibly with ReachEngine?

Every user level has a distinct usage and permission. ReachEngine allows you to have Owners, Admins, Managers, Authors and also Viewers.

Learn every step of how to manage your team flexibly and optimally by watching this short and complete video in just a few minutes.

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We have manuals and tutorials to guide you in each and every step. Sign up for free with us. 

Get higher returns with our email marketing services

build your email  

ReachEngine’s Email Campaign Solutions address all your concerns. Assign a different responsibility to each of your team members and make them accountable for the output produced.

drag and drop email editor  

Experience our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor option and create emails that look beautiful. We provide access to a broad set of pre-built templates as well as drag-and-drop features so that you can make your campaigns look exactly as per your wants.

tool to send unlimited emails  

Keep uploading unlimited contacts and send email campaigns in bulk to as many prospects and customers. Interact more with your customers and expand your business with our email campaign solutions.

affordable email tracking  

Get complete breakdowns of the campaigns you send. We analyze the reports for you so that you know where you can improve in the future. Stop guess sending emails-  This will help you assign responsibilities to your team without having any doubts about the utility of their tasks. 

automate your email campaigns  

Make use of our workflow automation and send out automated email campaigns. We also help you to prepare a series of emails in advance so that you can send them at strategic intervals to meet your objectives. Stop wasting time and start nurturing your leads automatically. 

 autoresponder tools

Autorespond to subscribers by acknowledging their activities. The script of your emails will be triggered based on the user’s actions. Send emails at every chance so that you are in constant touch with your audience. Our Email Autoresponder software is meant for improving your email deliverability.

 tools for A/B testing  

ReachEngine allows A/B testing campaigns for you to try out multiple versions of one single email. Figure out the difference in impact made by the smallest of changes. Choose what works best for your audience and set up campaigns that produce higher open and conversion rates.   

 segmentation tools  

Start tagging your audience by adding tags on the basis of any and every common data point to send relevant emails to your audience. Allow our advanced email segmentation strategies to boost up your clicks, open and conversion rates.

Divide roles and reach out to more customers in less time.

Every role has its own permissions that helps you manage your team’s workload and optimize your results.
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Your data privacy and security is our responsibility.

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User access level configuration is the process of inviting and managing different levels of users for your account. The function of each user depends on its level. 
User levels refer to the data that different users on your account can access and edit. 
User access levels are to be distributed on the basis of the usage and permissions of each level. While inviting the user, the functions of each level need to be considered. Owners and admins can edit billing data and close an account. Managers can send emails, import customers, view reports but can’t view or edit billing information. Authors can create, edit, delete email templates and view reports. Viewers can only view reports.   

Managing a team is no longer stressful.

Grant, change and revoke account access to get the best out of your email marketing efforts.